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Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Wine Ladies Cash for Gold“Heart of Gold” Party in support of the Heart and Stroke Foundation

Heart healthy foods, wonderful wines and GOLD all take center stage this week, all for a great cause! Be sure to join us as we chat up our inaugural “Heart of Gold Party” in support of the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Ontario taking place May 6th, 2010.The Fundraiser where YOU make Money! Find out all the details about this awesome event, explore the benefits to our hearts of eating well, enjoying a glass of wine and giving.

This week joining us in the TV studio Marco Di Buono, Director, Research Heart and Stroke Foundation of Ontario Marco will give us the state of the nation as to our heart health. Also in studio Keith Perrin Managing Partner, Gold Smart Network who will show us how to turn all your old, unwanted and unused gold into cold, hard, cash. Gold is at an all time high, so now is the time to do it! Also in studio Cary Silber, Proprietor Encore Food with Elegance who prepares some heart healthy food alternatives. All this as we enjoy a glass of red wine from Girls Night Out . Join us as we raise a glass to our heart health and yours too.
And if you happen to miss the live show not too worry you can catch the podcast and all the archived shows at anytime. Set that dial to The Jewel Radio Network at 88.5 FM in Toronto, 98.5 in Ottawa and 107.7 in Hawkesbury on line at every Sunday morning at 8:30a.m. to connect with The Wine Ladies radio.

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